Vintage Style Industrial lamps and Desks

In this blog we specialise on industrial desk lamps and Vintage industrial Style desks. Vintage is an adjective meaning having an enduring appeal, high quality or classic.

Industrial Desk lamps

A cool set of vintage beside table lamps.This is going at £342 in price, they are the vintage item since 1960’s, interior design, miller era herman miler era, cool, red lacquer quality made, colourful, atomic age.IndusTrial desk lamps


Vintage Style Desks

Rustic desk organiser lamp-steam punk lamp-table lamp-edison light-vintage light pipe lamp-bedside lamp-rustic lighting going at £72.

Price of Vintage Lamps and Desks

Industrial pipe light lamp-unique table light lamp-steam punk table lamp light vintage style lamp light-Edison bulb lamp-Beside lamp.This goes at £51.75, it is handmade item made of wood, pipe and Edison bulb. It is 15.5 inches high and 9 inches across and has an included 8ft cord w/plug. It has 40 watt classic Edison bulb included and in addition all of its electrical component are UL listed and lastly has solid brass socket 250v max.

Advantages of Industrial Style Desks

Industrial desk lamps are metallic and hand made item since 1990s. It goes at 25 United States dollars Vintage ceramic small table/Bedside lamp. It is a vintage item made of ceramic material and goes at £28 in price. Vintage industrial style desks ceramic bedside lamp is beautiful boho vibes and would be good for all desk or table and they are grey with flowers in colour.They are tall and in good working vintage condition and they have got two lamps.

Vintage industrial Style desksDisadvantages oVintage Desk Lamps

Night light lamp-vintage night light-bedside lamp-retro desk lamp-brass night light-mid century lamp-desk lamp 60’s-home décor going at £32. It is the vintage item from 1960’s and made of glass metal and plastic material. Vintage mid century green metal lamp, large green metal desk or bedside lamp. It is the vintage item from 1950’s,it is country and farmhouse in style and metallic in nature. It is going at £24 in price.

How to fix Industrial Lamps and Vintage Desks 

Vintage industrial Style desks can come in an array of colours for example mustard yellow and black .This is running at £74 ,It is the vintage item from 1970s, made of glass and metal. It has a big mustard yellow glass, shade and chrome base in very good vintage condition. It is 33 cm in height and 19cm base diameter and has a bayonet mount.

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